The myth of dead content: How quality articles will strengthen your business

Have you heard the story about how written content, specifically blog posts and articles, is dead? And do you believe that?

I’ll tell you a secret: it’s a fairytale. Content has never been more important for your company. It is crucial in marketing, after-sales, lead generation, customer engagement, and many other areas. But, the nature of content is evolving.

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People, from multinational purchasing managers to small business owners, are much more inclined to do some thorough research on the Internet before even considering reaching out to sales representatives. They turn to Google for help.

And now that Google has made it its mission to favour quality content in its search engine, there are great opportunities for top-notch content creation lying ahead.

But there’s more to it than clicks, graphs, and SEO. Read on to find out how focusing on organic reach and engaging, human-centred, high-quality content wins your prospects over, time and time again.

9 solid reasons to invest in quality content

As I said before, content is more than “words on a page.” It’s also more than “just” blog posts, social media posts and articles. Well-written, meticulously researched content is your potential clients’ 24/7 online gateway to answers and your chance for a first impression as a trustworthy industry leader and expert partner.
It’s where:

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  • 🎯 Your prospects find in-depth info on the product/service you’re offering.
  • 🎯 You offer valuable aftersales benefits, which makes loyal clients and brand ambassadors.
  • 🎯 You can show you’re an industry expert through blog posts, whitepapers, and reports.
  • 🎯 You offer research resources and info on the latest innovations.
  • 🎯 You can repurpose articles into e-books, asserting your expertise and forming valuable giveaways.
  • 🎯 You can showcase your values, sustainability goals, supply chain, partnerships & certifications.
  • 🎯 Your prospects find social proof through reviews, case studies, and testimonials.
  • 🎯 Your client finds aftersales problem-solving (you do have an FAQ on your site, don’t you?)
  • 🎯 Visitors can easily reach out to the right contact within your organisation.

Overall, it gives you a head start in decision-making, even before you’ve ever touched base with your potential client.

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So there you have it.

Time to decide which way to go:

  • 😫 cheap, 13-in-a-dozen copy-pudding or
  • 🤗 well-informed, educating and helpful quality content.

Stay tuned for my next blog post on reviving your website if you choose the latter 👀

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