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💥 Wouldn’t it be amazing to work with someone who’s been on your client’s side of the table and can also write to engage, educate, and inspire? As a marketing expert, you can now work with a freelance B2B content writer who requires no handholding, doesn’t miss deadlines, and is a professional that you can trust.

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I focus on B2B content, occupational health and mental healthcare in human resources. With my background in psychology and 20+ years of education and experience in corporate management, I can quickly familiarise myself with your brand. This will ensure that every piece of content speaks your prospects’ language and aligns with your business strategy.

Curious about my writing skills? Below, I’ve selected some of my blog posts related to human resources. Want to have a chat about working together? Send me an email at or DM me on LinkedIn.

Challenges and opportunities of managing an ageing workforce

This article, written in November 2023, explores some of the best practices and strategies for engaging older workers in continuous development.

I aimed to highlight senior workers’ challenges and nudge employers into considering ways to attract, retain, support, and motivate older workers.

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The four types of ageism and how to challenge them in your organisation

This article, written in August 2023, raises awareness of the four types of ageism we can encounter in organisations.

With this article, I offered a concise overview of the four types of ageism, as explained by Dr. Robert Butler.

It describes the tell-tale signs of each of the four types, explaining why and how these types of ageism damage both the targeted employees and the company. For each of these types, it also offers tips on challenging and banning these behaviours.

Transforming workplaces with positive psychology

We can all use more positivity in our (working) lives. Now more than ever. I wrote this article on the theory behind positive psychology, aimed at our workplace environment, in July 2023.

In this article, I explained some positive psychology theories and highlighted the benefits for the workplace environment. I described how occupational safety and inclusiveness are vital to this objective and shared five strategies to create this safe and inclusive workplace.

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Enjoyed the style of these articles? Imagine what I can do for your brand! I specialise in creating engaging, well-researched articles that make you stand out. While my writing examples are in British English, I’m happy to adapt to American English if required.

Want to have a chat about working together? Send me an email at or DM me on LinkedIn.