Practically everything you’ve been dying to ask (FAQ)

Q1: How much do you charge?

Alas, there is no easy answer to that. I need to know more about your company and the project for accurate pricing.

Q2: Do you write in British English, American English, or Dutch?

Well, that’s entirely up to you.
I’m native Dutch and partially educated in English (usually British). I’ve written in all three, which was appreciated by recipients and readers. Let me know which language (or dialect) you need, and I’m happy to adapt.

Q3: My company isn’t in one of your industries. Can we still work together?

Sure! Most of my experience lies in human resources, hospitality services, tech innovations, and HS&E, making it easier to hit the ground running. But I’m always in for new, unexplored territory. That’s what makes my creativity splash with joy.

Q4: 300, 900, 1500 words; what is the optimal length of a blog post or article?

That depends, with a bottom limit of 300 words. Below 300, Google won’t even bother indexing it. Rule of thumb: the longer your reader stays on the blog, the better it is. But if your information fits nicely into a 500-word blog post, don’t force it into a 1000-word blog for the sake of it. Google does not appreciate it, and neither will your readers.

Google loves long articles only if they are valuable. It makes it easier for them to determine whether it answers a search query and fits their renewed acronym EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).

More critical are readability, scanability and layout. Have an easy-for-the-eye, captivating story to tell, and even a 4000-word article won’t scare your reader away.

Q5: What types of writing services do you offer?

That’s open for discussion. I’m in for a lot, with the exception of sales content, or direct marketing. And I’m a quick learner.

Examples in my expertise are:

🎯 Articles with helpful and informative content, on sustainability, climate tech, or the ESG;

🎯 A series of blog posts on productivity, health, safety and wellbeing on the workplace;

🎯 Whitepapers and case studies, as a ghostwriter if you prefer.

🎯 Any other copy with the intent to inform, or engage your audience.

❌ No direct marketing or sales copy though, that’s not my cup of tea.

Only one way to find out; get in touch.

Q6: Do you offer other services apart from writing?

Only with my content. I can help you create a content calendar, perform basic SEO keyword research, and source high-definition, royalty-free images for my content.

I can work with you to optimise your existing content and repurpose existing articles as an e-book. Or give some of your older content a makeover. No need to waste good material.

But I’m out if you need a web designer, a marketing generalist, or anything influencer.

Q7: How can we get started working together?

That’s easy. Contact me via my contact form, through LinkedIn, or email me and tell me more about your needs. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I have created a brief to fill out at your convenience, but if you like, we can also schedule a video call.

In my experience, a brief is more relaxed. You can fill it out whenever you feel like it and don’t need all the info at your fingertips in a call. But, of course, a call can feel more personal.