Image of Angelique

I help B2B marketers and fundraisers by writing their marketing content, blog posts, white papers, case studies, and articles, giving them centre stage for their ideas and products, and allowing their organizations to thrive.
I also craft storytelling fundraising copy that brings your cause to life.

Here are some examples where I can help you out

πŸ‘‰ Property management solutions

From my 10+ years in facility management, I know the unique challenges property managers face daily. With my in-depth understanding of the industry, I help them and service contractors become more effective with their overall marketing, communications, and visibility efforts.

As a storyteller, I aim to engage your audience by providing value, educating, and informing them. With your tone of voice in mind, turning your potential customers from interested readers to lifelong clients.

πŸ‘‰ Sustainable Energy Solutions

With all the ambitious Climate Action Plans, Green Deals, Fit for 55s, and what-not, sustainable energy has become front and centre in every sector. Having studied environmental Sciences, I am well equipped to turn your state-of-the-art, game-changing technical innovations into accessible and engaging content.

As a bonus, you can be assured that hard-to-read jargon is reduced and the content is ChatGPT-free.

πŸ‘‰ Psychology, human resources, and well-being

Do you have a story to tell, or are you set to share information for better mental well-being? Trust me to turn it into empathic, engaging, and informative blog posts & articles, 100% human, authentic, and fact-checked.

πŸ‘‰ Cause Marketing

As a Not-for-Profit company, you’re focused on your cause. But unfortunately, this leaves you little time to engage with potential sponsors and clients and to write successful grant applications.

This is where I come in. I can help you to combine stories of beneficiaries and facts about the need of your cause. I do this through engaging storytelling, newsletters, and Social Media posts. And allow me to do the work and write these time-consuming grant applications.